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Desperation Time For McCain


John McCain is losing this campaign. I don't want to hear anybody pretending otherwise. The election is 12 days away and John McCain is behind Barack Obama both nationally and in the swing states.

McCain now chooses finally to find something wrong with George W. Bush. The McCain campaign would really like it if we collectively forgot the last 5 years and his tireless advocacy on behalf of President Bush. Too late.

McCain is launching a "Joe The Plumber tour". Seriously. If you've followed the campaign or read the Draper piece in the NY Times, you know that this is part of their pattern of constantly relaunching the campaign which has failed every time they've done it in the general election. They caught a break in the primaries but the song and dance that sells with the Republican base doesn't do much for the normal American crowd that determines our election.

Nobody on Obama's side believes that this election is in the bag. As Sen. Obama himself constantly says - remember New Hampshire. But let us not fool ourselves either. Sen. Obama is in the lead. Sen. Obama is beating John McCain. Sen. Obama has a much better chance of being our next president than John McCain.