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Christopher Hitchens Trashes Bail Out Bill

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By Ben Cohen

Thankfully, Christopher Hitchens appears to have stopped making a fool out of himself in public with his bizarre support for George Bush's foreign policy. Having lost his brain for a number of years, Hitchens is now penning some insightful articles on the horrific mess Wall Street has made, slamming the symbiotic relationship between the financial sector and the government and calling for serious oversight. Hopefully, he'll keep his mouth shut on foreign affairs, and stick to something he appears to know about. From Vanity Fair:

How very agreeable it must be to sit at a table in a casino where
nobody seems to lose, and to play with a big stack of chips furnished
to you by other people, and to have the further assurance that, if
anything should ever chance to go wrong, you yourself are guaranteed by
the tax dollars of those whose money you are throwing about in the
first place! It’s enough to make a cat laugh. These members of the
“business community” are indeed not buccaneering and risk-taking
innovators. They are instead, to quote my old friend Nicholas von
Hoffman about another era, those who were standing around with tubas in
their arms on the day it began to rain money. And then, when the rain
of gold stopped and the wind changed, they were the only ones who
didn’t feel the blast.