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Bush & McCain Also Both Like Vacations

Granted, Bush's vacations are more out of a desire to shirk his duties while McCain is probably just tired and can't keep up with the youngsters on the trail, but still.

While both candidates are taking time off the trail for debate prep, Obama is in Asheville, North Carolina, a crucial swing state where he'll earn local press simply by virtue of being there from now through Tuesday—while McCain is in his home state of Arizona, whose electoral voters are virtually guaranteed to go to the Republican.

This is nothing new for McCain. After a rigorous primary election schedule, the Arizona senator was "down" on nearly every Saturday and Sunday between the time he clinched the nomination in February and June, Politico reported this summer. And since accepting his party’s nomination on Sept. 4, McCain has taken off at least one day each weekend. He held no public events last weekend, and will keep the same schedule this weekend.

Obama, on the other hand, has taken only two weekend days off in the last month.