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A Nation Of Dilla Freeman Burts


A month after her 100th birthday, Dilla Freeman Burt cast the first vote of her long life — for presidential candidate Barack Obama.>

It's the excitement surrounding these elections — a woman running for vice president and a black man running for president — that prompted Burt to action, said her daughter, Phyllis Burt.

'I was feeding her ice cream when she decided she wanted to vote,' Phyllis Burt said. 'I almost fell out of my chair. I was floored that after all these years of the family pestering her about voting that she'd decided to do it.'

Burt registered to vote earlier this month in Davidson County.

Davidson County Election Commission workers visited nursing homes Thursday to collect ballots from older voters who can't get around or need help voting. A nurse took Dilla Burt in a wheelchair to the Bordeaux Long-Term Care lobby, where an election worker asked her whom she wanted to vote for. She gave her answer loud enough for witnesses to hear, and the worker marked the ballot.

On Thursday night, a nurse slowly fed a frail Burt chicken and mashed potatoes from a tray.

'Mom, who did you vote for?' Phyllis Burt asked.

'Obama,' her mother quietly replied.

Thanks to S.M. for sending this one in.