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4 Days To Go: Please Elect This Man

If we want America to be great again, to be one step closer to the ideals as detailed in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, we must elect Barack Obama as our 44th president.

The most important reason to elect Obama is the gaping void of leadership in our country. We need a steady had to right our ship of state, but we also need someone with knowledge. Anti-intellecutalism has run rampant in the Bush years and it has been a disaster from coast to coast. And without Sen. Obama, it would get worse. When he ran for the presidency the first time, at least George W. Bush had the decency to divide the country after he was sworn in. At the same time when Sen. Obama has been discussing the vital need for our nation to bridge the divide between left and right, the McCain/Palin ticket has run one of the most divisive campaigns in U.S. history. Not satisfied with slicing and dicing the country based on ideology, their campaign has chosen to ride a wave of racial hatred. Each of their rallies since the convention having far more in common with Klan or Nuremberg rallies than a traditional American campaign stop. Palin wasn't kidding when she said she believed in a "real" America. For her, real America is white, Christian, and rural. For McCain/Palin, their America simply doesn't include a black man on the east coast like myself. That is a fundamentally anti-American position to hold and it must be defeated.

Trickle down has failed. Deregulation has failed. America faces a recession caused in part by conservative ideology run wild. Any shopkeeper can tell you somebody must mind the store, or else it will be looted. Wall Street looted America and now is being rewarded. Even worse, McCain wants to cut their taxes - again - and the end result will be what it always is: The market conspires to screw the consumers, and often their own employees. Conservative economics is FAIL. Barack Obama believes that the party is over for big business, while at the same time giving a tax break to the vast majority of Americans. Even Democratic politicians have not been doing that often enough for the last 15 years or so.

Foreign Policy
"Bomb, bomb Iran" isn't a joke. It's a promise from John McCain. More Americans have been killed by international terrorism under this Republican president. Americans have died in a war for no cause under this Republican president. And based on his own simple misunderstanding of the world and the bloodthirsty people he surrounds himself with as "advisers", John McCain would make Bush seem almost as sane as his father was. Barack Obama had the good sense to be against the war when even way too many Democrats didn't. His foreign policy returns to the tradition of common sense and realism. We will fight the enemies who need fighting and not engage in dumb wars.

Social Issues
The Supreme Court is already conservative enough. Chief Justice Roberts is very young. We can't allow the court to become even more of a playground for the b.s. conservative legal theories espoused by Dick Cheney & Co. A woman's right to choose, discrimination laws, property rights, gun rights, labor rights, etc. all stand in the balance. We need Barack Obama making those choices, not people who have been dipped in the waters of conservatism like John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Remember when the president of the United States believed that 1+1=2? Barack Obama does. John McCain is so indebted to the loony right of his party, who knows what sort of crackpots he would infest our government with? The Bush administration saw our national parks and saw oil wells. And McCain would be worse. It isn't a coincidence that 76 Nobel Prize winners in Science support Obama.

In the past, America has been blessed with making the right presidential choices at the right time. Washington at the founding. Lincoln for the Civil War. FDR for the Depression and WWII. And even Ike for the Cold War. America is on the verge again. This country deserves greatness, and nothing less.

Please elect Barack Obama as our next president.

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