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Bush Looting The American Tax Payer On The Way Out

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By Ben Cohen

If there was ever any doubt that George Bush was a fanatical neo colonialist criminal, there shouldn't be any more. As Naomi Klein reports, the Bush Administration is doing its very best to imitate colonial Europe's behavior when it gave up its colonies during the 20th century, and loot its subjects of every last drop:

When European colonialists realised that they had no choice but to

hand over power to the indigenous citizens, they would often turn their

attention to stripping the local treasury of its gold and grabbing

valuable livestock. If they were really nasty, like the Portuguese in

Mozambique in the mid-1970s, they poured concrete down the elevator

shafts.Nothing so barbaric for the Bush gang. Rather than open

plunder, it prefers bureaucratic instruments, such as "distressed

asset" auctions and the "equity purchase program". But make no mistake:

the goal is the same as it was for the defeated Portuguese - a final,

frantic looting of the public wealth before they hand over the keys to the safe.