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Tom DeLay Is On Crack

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By Ben Cohen

In an increasingly desperate series of coordinated attacks, the Republicans are pulling out every dirty rotten trick in the book and throwing them at Obama at every opportunity. Formerly disgraced House Majority Leader Tom DeLay went on Hard Ball with Chris Matthews and spouted an unbelievable amount of disgusting bile, showing no shame in disgracing himself and denigrating his profession. DeLay attempted to smear Obama, directly accusing him of being a closet communist, supporter of terrorism and wanting to re-write the constitution. I try to refrain from using bad language on this site as I believe it is usually unnecessary. In the case of Tom DeLay, I wish the guy would just FUCK OFF. Seriously. This type of vicious, slimey politics is threatening to sink the Republican Party, and I honestly hope it does. People like DeLay should be the first to go if and when the Republicans decided to get their act together, and it will be a happy day when this crack head is sent out to the porch with a bottle of whiskey to sit on his rocking chair. Watch in disgust below: