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The Obamamercial

By Ari Rutenberg

So I liked last night's Obamafest. While it was a little corny (Jesus Hussein Christ, that music was killing me), the overall presentation was really excellent. I was really impressed with the production values. Best of all was the seamless and perfectly timed transition to the live Florida event. It was some of the best political camera work ever done.

Most importantly, it demonstrated the overwhelming competence of Obama and his team, and the tireless and exacting preparation that goes into everything they do. Could anyone imagine the inept Bushies (much less the erratic, aimless, unoriginal, disastrously uncoordinated McCain tea), pulling anything like this off? Just one more reason to vote for Obama.

Also it cost $4 million - goddamn, that's a lot. But if you got $100 million, maybe it's money well spent.