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The white hoods are out: Hollywood edition

by Ari Rutenberg

A few days ago I wrote a post on the obscene effigy of Obama that had been hung in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now a similar display has been put up in West Hollywood, California (video below the fold).

The difference? The one in Hollywood features a hanging effigy of Palin and a burning McCain in the chimney. This is horrifying. What do these people think they are doing? They say that its "art" for Halloween, but that is insulting. Halloween does not celebrate violence, but the dead. Maybe hanging effigies of white people does not hold quite the same historical connotations in America, but that does not in any way mitigate the total lack of humanity and tolerance this displays. I don't like Palin or think she is intelligent enough to be President. But to advocate her death, which is what this type of art does no matter what the artist says, is really a disservice to everything the left and Obama are trying to do.

The worst part is that it is a gay couple. Of all people, those who are still fighting for the right to marry their loved one should understand the nature of prejudice and discrimination. It is no different to advocate violence against someone for their political beliefs than it is to do so because of sexual orientation. I have grown up in West L.A. and known many gay people throughout my life. By and large they are some of the nicest, smartest, and most compassionate people I have met. And LGBT community has fought hard to have their challenges and struggles and rights acknowledged. Diversity is the order of the day in West Hollywood. It is a great community that stresses tolerance towards all sorts of lifestyle choices.

This is no kind of tolerance at all. What kind people are these? Do they actually want Obama to win? Or do they want to show all the wingnuts that we on the left are just as prejudiced as they are?

It's absolutely appalling. It should be taken down. Now.