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McCain The Socialist

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By Ben Cohen

McCain's final hurrah in his all round pathetic campaign is to call Obama a 'socialist' as many times as possible. Obama, says McCain, is a 'tax and spend liberal', and `believes in redistributing wealth, not in policies
that grow our economy and create jobs.''

The extraordinary gall McCain is showing, and utter disrespect for the public is absolutely mind blowing. Having whole heartedly supported and voted for the Wall Street bailout, it defies rationale and decency that he would use the word 're-distributor' when referring to his opponent. The bailout is being financed by the tax payer and distributed around some of the richest people and corporations on the planet. It is straight up corporate socialism, and McCain knows it.

Yet he is accusing Obama of being anti wealth and being "more interested
in controlling wealth than in creating it, in redistributing
money instead of spreading opportunity.'' The point is this - McCain supports wealth redistribution when it helps the people who paid for his campaign, and he is against it when it goes to supporting working people and the poor.

And this is why I believe American voters will reject McCain next week. The Republican platform for the past 20 years has been to lie, distort and trick the public into following a defunct ideology that serves the interests of big business. It is a house of cards that is finally being exposed, shamed and blown away in a storm of anger and resentment. It has been a long time over due, but satisfying to watch nevertheless.