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McSenile on Meet the Press

by Ari Rutenberg

McCain's performance on MTP this morning has left me disturbed and concerned. I cannot even accurately express the confusion that the following segment has caused me. McCain seems like a man who no longer knows who he is. Is he the principled, passionate, grizzled veteran who fights for the little guy, knows both the benefits and limitations of government and has coherent policies? Or is he the divisive, angry, partisan panderer who caters to the extreme and alienates former supporters with a complete lack of ideas or any semblance of genuine concern for the people? Well, you can decide for yourselves, but don't try too hard to make sense of it. I've been watching McCain get interviewed all morning and now my brain hurts. Its kind of sad to see whats become of him.

Sweet Jesus, McCain! Put us and yourself out of our collective misery. Just endorse Obama so the world can move on.


It really seems petty and stupid to raise McCain's age as a legitimate
complaint. As is perfectly clear one's physical age often is not a
good indicator of anything. I find it cheap and tawdry to use that as
a serious political complaint. The fact that he's old doesn't matter.
The fact that he's out of touch is a serious issue.
However on this morning's MTP McCain seemed genuinely unaware of what he was saying. In ten minutes he went from accusing Obama of being a socialist to endorsing the nationalization of the banks and Federal purchasing of bad mortgages while denying their inherent socialistic qualities, then back to accusing Obama of being a socialist for wanting to "spread the wealth around."

What was really weird is that during the parts where he is slamming Obama, he seems like the McCain we see everyday out on the stump. But when he was being serious and discussing his support for the bailout, McCain seemed to be perfectly aware that the government's role in a crisis is to help stabilize the situation and rectify the problem. It was like the old, genuine, concerned McCain was actually in charge.

I just don't understand how he could not recognize that Obama is also responding to the crisis, or at least realize how blatantly hypocritical it is to accuse someone of being socialist while simultaneously defending your own socialism. Does McCain know people can record and rewind live TV? Does he know they have memories longer than 30 seconds? I cannot imagine what it must be like to exist in such a state of denial about the reality of your situation.

No one believes Obama is evil, at least no one not already voting for McCain. And normally when you want to win, you do not persist in doing things which have proved blatantly unpopular among those you are attempting to woo. That's why I think he is senile, at least a little. How else could he so easily move from a passionate and intelligent defense of government interference in capital markets to a condemnation of government interference in capital markets? I mean whatever McCain is, he is no actor.