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William Kristol Still Spouting Poisonous Bile

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By Ben Cohen

Arch Neo Con William Kristol is still doing the rounds, projecting his infantile fantasy world views in the media while the policies he has advocated continue to ruin his country (and a host of others too). Why won't this guy go away? Having successfully gotten everything wrong for that past 10 years, Kristol could do the world a favor and stop speaking. But no, here he is playing victim in the face of the 'liberal media' and 'left wing triumphalists', and standing strong for his guy John McCain, and his gal, Sarah Palin. Pathetic, to say the least. And no, I won't post a link to the dreadful 'Weekly Standard' as they don't deserve any traffic:

Still, we hope for a McCain-Palin victory, for the sake of the
country. And also for the pleasure of seeing the dejection of the
mainstream media, the incredulity of the leftwing triumphalists, and
the humiliation of the pathetically opportunistic "conservatives"
who've been desperately clambering on board the Obama juggernaut. We're
proud to stay off that juggernaut. We're proud, in our modest way, to
stand with John McCain and Sarah Palin against it.

Perhaps Kristol could modestly be quiet, sign up to the military he dearly loves to send to war, and stop infecting the media with his poisonous bile.