Skip to main content just got better: The McCain volunteer who got "attacked" was faking it!

by Ari Rutenberg

In the last post I asked if the fear-mongering sideshow that is McCain-Palin '08 could get any better for someone who has been waiting for these fools to get theirs for the better part of his life. But I was wrong when I suggested that would be possible only if McCain endorsed Obama.

Though to my great disappointment that hasn't happened yet. However it turns out the McCain volunteer who was supposedly attacked at the ATM by a large, black man was pulling a fast one. Not only was she not at the ATM, she carved the backwards B into her face while claiming the black man did it to her after finding out she was a McCain supporter.

Does this qualify Ashley Todd for the Stupid Hall of Fame? Well there isn't one yet, so I think we're gonna have to start a new feature.