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No Sympathy For Ashley Todd

I've seen some folks on the left say that they hope to see Ashley Todd, the race-baiting fabulist volunteer for the McCain campaign, seek mental help. Excuse me? She knew what she was doing. She's done what College Republicans have often done - like affirmative action bake sales - they provoke racial discord in order to further the Republican cause.

Its no coincidence that this knuckle dragging moron went into the same well as baby killer Susan Smith by claiming that a black man was the provocateur.

She knew just what she was doing and a large part of the conservative movement was more than willing to shovel her excrement for her.

>> McCain campaign worker confesses: made up claim that she was mutilated by black man
>> Woman admits making up McCain sticker attack, police say

UPDATE: Hyping this story was a Republican operation from the start.

John McCain's Pennsylvania communications director told reporters in the state an incendiary version of the hoax story about the attack on a McCain volunteer well before the facts of the case were known or established -- and even told reporters outright that the "B" carved into the victim's cheek stood for "Barack," according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions.

John Verrilli, the news director for KDKA in Pittsburgh, told TPM Election Central that McCain's Pennsylvania campaign communications director gave one of his reporters a detailed version of the attack that included a claim that the alleged attacker said, "You're with the McCain campaign? I'm going to teach you a lesson."

Verrilli also told TPM that the McCain spokesperson had claimed that the "B" stood for Barack. According to Verrilli, the spokesperson also told KDKA that Sarah Palin had called the victim of the alleged attack, who has since admitted the story was a hoax.

The KDKA reporter had called McCain's campaign office for details after seeing the story -- sans details -- teased on Drudge.

UPDATE: Check out the moron's perp walk -- not a scratch on her face.