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McCain's New Health Care Idea Is Idiotic

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By Ben Cohen

McCain's new idea for health care coverage follows the same idiotic approach as virtually every other policy his team has come up with. McCain now wants insurance companies to compete across state borders, so that citizens in New York could buy coverage in places like Alabama (where there is virtually no consumer protection, but much lower prices). In essence, McCain believes that this would result in the young and healthy buying cheaper, higher risk premiums, while the elderly, sick and more well off buy more expensive but safer plans in places like New York or California. Through a complex system of tax subsidies and direct subsidies, the needy and poor would be helped, and consumer protection groups and local government would ensure people get coverage.

This is exactly what Americans don't need right now - MORE complexity and deregulation in a system that is dangerously near to imploding. If the Government can be trusted to bail out Wall Street, then it must be trusted to sort out the phenomenal mess in the health care system. For a serious health care proposal, I suggest looking at Congressman Dennis Kucinich's plan, which guarantees health care for all under a fair system of taxation. Americans will end up spending less, guaranteeing better care, and ending the despicable corruption that places a monetary value on a citizen's health.