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GOP implosion

by Ari Rutenberg

Normally I try to keep in mind that many people on the other side have deeply held beliefs that, reasonable or not, should be addressed as if they are legitimate in order to facilitate a productive dialogue.

Today that's not going to happen.

The GOP and McCain's campaign are imploding, and I'm loving every minute of it. The divisive, hate-filled rhetoric and rampant intellectual dishonesty have finally produced a situation which no amount of lying, smears, or distractions can change. The Republican party, and their economic ideology, are utterly bankrupt and they are tearing themselves up trying to avoid blame. Those conservatives who have any intellectual honesty left have begun to desert the Straight Talk Express in droves.

Former McCain adviser Mark McKinnon predicted this, which is why he
quit before the smear-a-thon began. The insulting and disastrous pick
of Sarah Palin for VP has only solidified the impression that McCain is
erratic and shows and inability to think deeply under pressure. He
always wants to fight, but never to talk.

It feels really good to see these greedy assholes at eachother's
throats. We have suffered through 30 years of their self-serving
politics and this is the payback. They have been trapped in a
collapsing hosue of lies, and like the truly selfish people they are,
instead of helping each other escape or trying to fix the house, they
are trying to divide the blame because they do not know how to
cooperate like adults and control their ids for even one millisecond.

The reason Democrats deserve to win is not because they are perfect,
or totally honest, or because their policy solution are particularly
innovative. It is because they have appealed to our adults selves, not
our worst instincts. The increasingly insular, white minority who
believe that only they are true American's are about to get
marginalized for the last time. Their ignorant rhetoric and foolish
dogmatism have lead our country down a dangerous path, and the
demographics are changing such that it will likely be impossible for
blatantly racist assholes to get such a total grip on power in the
future. Though I hate to see our country suffer economically, it is
the inevitable results of such arrogant and unrealistic policy making.

And I'm glad to see that the people who so callously brought this tragedy upon the American people are getting their cumuppance.