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McCain's Campaign Descending into Chaos

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By Ben Cohen

Down in the polls, down in the estimation of the public, and quite frankly, pretty much out of the presidential race, John McCain's campaign is becoming more and more erratic, and down right nasty.

Apparently, McCain has cut off communication with former 2000 campaign strategist Mike Murphy over what he sees as a 'betrayal'. Murphy had the temerity to question McCain's vicious campaign tactics on MSNBC, suggesting McCain goes positive in the closing weeks of the campaign.

"For God's sake don't make it another raging attack on Obama,"wrote Murphy in Time Magazine. "Instead
offer a mini mea culpa for the negative tone of the last three months.
Then pitch the strong bipartisan sheriff of Washington argument. A
non-tax and spend liberal plan to fix economy. Offer hope and

Not impressed with Murphy's plea for dignity, the McCain camp is now having nothing to do with him.

While Obama's campaign is operating as smoothly as a Barry White love song, McCain's team is relying on the political instincts of a man at least 8 years past his prime. McCain has the fighting technique of a drunkard, dangerous if you stand in front of him, but merely annoying if you move from side to side.

William Ayres, Socialism, Joe the Plumber and 'Real' Americans make up the substance of McCain's campaign, and Americans are simply not buying it. McCain is too angry, too out of touch, too nasty and now it seems, too late.