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Who cares about Palin's clothes?

by Ari Rutenberg

Who really cares about Palin's clothes and per diems?  At least the clothes demonstrate an understanding of stagecraft.  If Palin doesn't look good on TV she won't be taken seriously.  If people want to complain about wasting money, how about the millions of dollars in ads McCain is running in Pennsylvania while giving up in Colorado and Iowa.  Thats a huge waste of money.  And to those who would use it to point out he hipocrasy: We have actual policies to demonstrate that, plus we should leave her alone anyway as she is doing a fine job digging her own political grave.

And as for the travelling with her family, that is not only normal practice in government, it is normal practice in all high-level white collar work.  It is so beneath us to discuss silly nonesense like $20,000.  If Palin had spent millions on her family that would be a scandal. 

I think everyone needs to let this go and deal with the issues.  And I might remind everyone that the issues are why we are dominating this race right now.  McCain's reliance on petty bs like red-baiting and passing acquaintances is what is killing him.  Are we really willing to sobatage this election by copying the losing team's playbook?