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Dehumanizing The Left

by Ari Rutenberg

The media have a huge problem with false equivalence.  The need to give the same credence to both sides of an obviously lop-sided argument is endemic at this point.  However it has never been so glaring as in the recent spate of Republican pronouncements about how some parts of America are anti-American, and that any liberals "hate real Americans."

Aside from the fundamental insult of these assertions, the real problem is that they begin a process of dehumanization. Though it may not be racist, the current climate and attitude of the Republican party is certainly xenophobic.  They are creating fear of the other.  And it is not just Obama, it is anyone on the left.  They are preparing to delegitimize any left-wing government by dehumanizing those who would support it. 

Fortunately it seems to be backfiring.  But an isolated, insular, xenophobic minority will be a massive impediment to addressing the problems of this country.  I sincerely hope this can be reversed before permanent damage is done.