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McCain supporters stand up to the insanity in their midst

by Ari Rutenberg

It's nice to finally be able to say a few good things about McCain and his campaign.  First in the video below non-racist and Muslim McCain supporters stand tell off some wingnuts trying to smear Muslims.  They all give him a good drubbing.  I'm glad those who are not part of the lunatic fringe have decided to assert themselves. 

Via HuffPost:

In other good McCain news, he spoke yesterday on the possibility of losing to Obama, saying:

"...look, I've a wonderful life. I have to go back and live in Arizona, be
in the United States Senate representing them, a wonderful family,
daughters and sons that I'm so proud of and a life that's been blessed.
I'm the luckiest guy you have ever interviewed and will ever interview.
I'm the most fortunate man on earth and I thank God for it every single

As one who also believes himself to be the luckiest man alive, I have to say that if McCain had been so genuine, human, and heartfelt during this process he might be doing a lot better.  That was a glimpse of the old McCain.  They should let that guy out more.  He seems like a good guy.  That other McCain who has been running for President, well he's a very different case.