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Bill Kristol Dooms McCain

On Fox News Sunday conservative columnist Bill Kristol said that Obama is the Tampa Rays, while John McCain is the Red Sox. Their fates in the ALCS were linked, he said...


Down to their last chance, the Tampa Bay Rays left no doubt they were World Series-worthy, after all. The young Rays completed a stunning run to their first pennant, holding off the defending champion Boston Red Sox 3-1 Sunday night behind Matt Garza's masterful pitching in Game 7 of the AL championship series.

I'm kind of glad the Red Sox lost. It's not that I dislike them, frankly I don't care about baseball (and unlike their football counterparts, the Red Sox aren't cheaters), its just that I lived for 2 years in Massachusetts and was inundated with bellyaching about the curse. Now they've won two series, so its time to move aside.