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Sunday Morning Banter: A great day for Obama

By Ari Rutenberg

Still riding high after yesterday's 100,000 person rally in St. Louis, and another with 75,000 in Kansas City, today Obama received a robust, carefully-considered and -worded endorsement from Colin Powell (see video below).  Then the Obama campaign announced they had generated $150 million in new funding in September from over 600,000 news donors.  Damn.  That's gonna get a lot of good press...I wonder if he'll hit $200 million this month.  He's also gonna pay off Hillary's campaign debt when this is over because there's no way he's gonna be able to spend all this money in 15 days, unless he buys hour-long prime time slots on the networks.

Here's Colin Powell on Meet the Press this morning giving his fuller-than-Bill-Clinton endorsement of Obama, even calling him a "transformational figure".  Hard to argue with Powell's national security judgment.

Just to nerd-out a little about that fund raising number, lets assume that he raises $200 million this month, and at the same pace the whole time.  If he did decide to buy primetime slots on NBC he would be able to buy about 20 full hours.  That's at about $100,000 for 30 seconds with 16 minutes of
commercial time per hour, with each hour costing about $8 million.  So if he
raised $200 million he could buy like 20 hours of national primetime network TV and still have $40 million to spend.  That's five hours on each network, with $40 million left.  Or he could buy a half-hour on each network (except Fox) every night from now until election day.  Damn.