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Dept. Of Wishful Thinking

If Sen. Obama wins, the Republicans are sure to go in civil war mode. With the Democrats, the DLC wing of the party won the first few rounds and that resulted in losses in 2002 and contributed to Sen. Kerry's loss in 2004. The grassroots (including the netroots) pushed back and that resulted in Dean taking over the DNC, 2006, and a 2008 election where the worst case scenario is increased Democratic majorities in the House/Senate with a highly likely though still not assured Democratic president.

Already the signs point to the John Birch wing of the GOP taking over. Immigration hasn't been an issue, so the xenophobes have been angry, while the isolationists think they aren't being heard. Ditto for the Christian right, who are enraptured with Palin but still don't have the zeal they had for their born again hero George W. Bush. I would contend that the relative unimportance of the abortion issue as well as side issues like separation of church and state to this election doesn't please this bloc either. Post-election, if Obama wins, I expect the Birchers to go up against the Wall Street types. And I see Pat Robertson positioning himself as the leader of the Bircher wing.

Considering that faction is composed of the same people screeching that Obama is a terrorist, that would bode excellently for the Democrats (Who I guarantee will have their own argument over whether Obama is progressive enough. Long time readers can probably guess where I line up in that fight.)

Here's hoping the right goes into the wilderness and loses its map.