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Obama the Right Man at the Right Time

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By Ben Cohen

I've long maintained that Obama is not every progressive's dream, but he is an extremely reasoned and intelligent man who is without a doubt the best chance America has in pulling itself out of the fantastic mess the Bush Administration has created. His composure throughout the campaign has been absolutely extraordinary - unmatched, I believe, in recent history.

He is not what America needs in the long term (a Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader would be nice), but Obama's calm, rationed decision making is exactly the type of leadership America needs right now. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Obama spelled out why he is the man for the job, and why McCain is not well suited to a commander in chief role. It's spot on, and a great insight into Obama's strategic, rather than impulsive thinking:

What makes you better prepared than John McCain to
handle a crisis — whether it's a terrorist attack, a
financial meltdown or a natural disaster?

We've had two significant moments where the judgment of a commander
in chief would have to be applied in a very deliberate fashion. One
is the war in Iraq, and the other is what's happened just over the
last three and a half weeks on Wall Street. In both instances, what
you've seen is John McCain being impulsive, not getting all the
information that he needs, surrounding himself with people who are
predisposed to agreeing with him. And as a consequence, I think
he's made bad judgments. In Iraq he embraced a theory of preventive
war without thinking through all the consequences. He embraced the
intelligence that was patently bad, and we're suffering the
consequences of it. And just over the last three and a half weeks,
he's gone from being always for deregulation to now presenting
himself as this champion of regulatory toughness. He's gone from
the economy being fundamentally sound to two hours later saying
that we're in crisis. I don't get a sense that that kind of
approach is what's going to be needed right now. I think we need
somebody who is able to see all sides of an argument, bring the
best people together, evaluate all our options, make decisive
decisions, correct those decisions when they're not working out,
and has a strategic sense or a vision of where the country needs to
go — who's not simply reacting all the time or thinking