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Live Debate Coverage - Obama vs Mcain part 3!

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Welcome to The Daily Banter live debate! Please feel free to comment, and we'll post the best ones.

7.31 Ben Cohen: Obama's closing statement was better than McCain's. Pretty dry, but realistic, hopeful, and intelligent.

7.31 Peter Bauer: This debate has been a snooze.  My ballot should be arriving in the mail this weekend, and I will be happy to vote and get this over with.  Booorrrr----iiiiinnnngggg!

7.29 Ben Cohen McCain's closing statement "We need to go in another direction from the past 8 years". Is this some sort of surreal dream? How can you vote with Bush 90% of the time and claim you want to go in a different direction? McCain's record is nothing to be proud of - a militant conservative and a corrupt one at that.

7.23 Ben Cohen: Obama on education "Someone is going to have to pay for it". Thank god. A politician telling the truth.

7.19 Ben Cohen: They are on to education now. Obama's riff was pretty decent, talking about student debt and the importance of competing world wide. McCain is claiming education is a 'Civil Rights issue'. If so, why does he want to privatize it and make it a privilege?

7.12 Ben Cohen: Abortion talk really turns me off. I can't
believe this is a part of political debate. They are simply pandering
to their bases, and neither would do much to rock the boat. It's
posturing, and a giant distraction.

7.09 Ari Rutenberg: wtf is gold plated cadillac plan?

7.07 Peter Bauer: Litmus test is a Bushism.  Four more wars!!

7.04 Ben Cohen: Obama is making McCain look very silly on
healthcare. McCain keeps putting out false info on Obama's plan, and
Obama simply swats it aside and clarifies his position. McCain is
pulling numbers out of his backside - blathering on about the free
markets. Ohhhh - McCain just called Obama 'Senator Government'!!!

7.03 Peter Bauer: John McCain looks like an angry walnut.

6.56 Ari Rutenberg: According to some accounts American oil
companies we have 4 billion barrels of excess supply which is waiting
to be refined. Also on the other side, we extract oil from materials
like oil shale and tar sand, which really does cost a lot more than
simply putting a derrick in the ground. So to a certain extant the
price increase is structural.

6.52 Ben Cohen: John McCain seems to be perking up a bit and
launching a semi coherent attack on Obama's economic policy. He's
completely wrong (free trade with Columbia is a complete farce and has
led to massive poverty and corruption), but he's doing better.

6.49 Peter Bauer: You don't tell countries you're going to tell them that you're going to invade them.

6.48 Ben Cohen: Andrew Sullivan just wrote: "We're seeing Iraqis united as Iraqis." Yes, McCain just said that.
Yes: the next president could be even more delusional about Iraq than
the current one.

6.44 Ben Cohen: Obama cannot answer whether Palin is qualified to be President. He's dodging the question big time - probably a good thing.

6.42 Peter Bauer: Have we gotten to know sarah palin?

6.41 Ben Cohen: Thankfully they are off the topic of Ayers
and ACORN. McCain looked pathetic, while Obama sailed through it
largely unscathed. Obama really is taking him apart, bit by bit.

6.38 Ben Cohen: McCain has predictably brought up the William
Ayers link. Obama's retort was brilliant, telling McCain his line of
attack was more indicative of the state of his campaign rather than

6.36 Ari Ruetnberg: Going negative means criticizing the other persons character rather than policies

6.35 Ben Cohen: We tried the 'cover it live' format again, but no luck!

6.25 Peter Bauer: Since when did John McCain oppose the war?  I thought the troops told us "Let us win!"

6.24 Ari Rutenberg: Whoa McCain has proposed "eliminating government spending" that would be an interesting trick

6.20 Peter Bauer: I'm tired of John McCain telling us that he
knows how to do things.  If he knows how to solve our problems, what
the hell is he waiting for?

6.17 A reader writes: "Is joe the plummer related to joe sixpack?"

6.15 Ben Cohen: Obama is appearing far more fluent on the
economy. McCain is just trying to mock Obama's stances, but it doesn't
come across very well. Obama is talking about investing in people -
this will play well with people affected by the economic crisis (ie

6.10 Ben Cohen: McCain is accusing Obama of class war fare - a typical Republican tactic that disguises their greedy philosophy.

6.09 Ben Cohen: McCain is misrepresenting Obama's tax plan, and Obama is slamming him.

6.07 Ben Cohen: McCain is blaming the entire crisis on Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac - this is patently false.