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Galvanize the Pen

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by Chalan Moon

Typological organization helps the mind to make sense of the world
around it. With it, we are able to assert that 'all rats are rodents,
but not all rodents are rats'. This is an important capability, but has
been inappropriately defined by political spinning and rhetoric for too
long. It is, essential, a linguistic tactic to persuade how you perceive the government.

'All democrats are liberal and all republicans are conservative' are
typological labels commonly held to be true. In news, interviews,
debates, and various forums, democrats and republicans proudly boast
their titles because they believe in their position fervently (or that
it will at least bring them more capital in behaving as such). But this
relationship between the party and the title is unique for several

As mentioned, one can redoubtably claim liberal or conservative ties in
association with respects to political affiliations. However, a party
member can use that very label as a prejoritive against an opposing
member in a disagreement with pugnacious disdain. Popularly, the best
response is no response. The two
pundits/politicians/reporters/citizens/etc. continue on with the
argument, inflamed and without addressing the rather bizarre semantic
switch. It is not the turning of a label on the labeled, but the
history and definitions behind that makes this grotesquely unique.

The word 'conservative' comes from Latin's conservātīvus, the root of which is conservāre, meaning 'to conserve; to save'. This word is akin to servīre , 'to serve' or servus, 'slave'. It is defined as 'tending
or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions'.
Denotatively, 'conservative' views are held to maintain current

The word 'liberal' comes from Old
French, meaning 'befitting the free men, noble, generous'. In
English today, liberal is defined
as 'favorable to progress or reform', or 'given freely or abundantly'.

Comparing the etymological information of these labels can be
perplexing; for Americans asserting that freedom is the most important
characteristic of our nation, one would think the choice of labels is
unquestionably clear. Even the current administration used 'liberal' in
reassuring the American public that we are 'liberators' in Iraq and
viewed as such. This conundrum furthers when considering the party
names themselves.

The party name 'democrat' comes from 'democracy', the very type of
government Americans believe they live under, believe the fight and die
for. However, they do not. Americans live under a republic, the root of
the party name 'republican'. A democratic nation is defined
as having a 'government by the people; a form of government in which
the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by
them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system'.
Americans live under a republic. A republic nation is defined
as a 'state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens
entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly
or indirectly by them'.

To recap: democrats are 'befitting the free men' and have taken the
name of the type of government Americans naively convince themselves
they live under; republicans are 'disposed to current views' and have
taken the name of the true current government of the United States.
Another government using the title 'republic' is 'The People's Republic
of China', a nation vehemently demonized by the Republican Party as
being 'communist'. To quickly digress, communism's disagreeability comes
from concerns of the government's high involvement in the financial
institutions, such as using taxpayers' money to invest in failing and
prominent banks.

The reason why America is divided does not lay within our current
political dilemmas, but in the very language used. The American
responsibility today is to galvanize the pen as mightier by taking
control of the language used against the masses. All democrats and
republicans may be liberals and conservatives, respectively. But not
all liberals and conservatives are respectively linked.

The true war is not abroad. It is and has been here, and it is for your mind