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10/4 Polling

Rasmussen's poll also shows that Sen. Biden beat Palin in the debate, 45%-37%

Rasmussen has Obama @ 51%, in what they say "suggests that the McCain campaign faces a very steep challenge in the remaining few weeks of Election 2008"

Gallup has Obama 50% vs McCain 42%

Right now Sen. Obama has what averages out to about an 8% lead over McCain nationally.

And yet the mainstream media consensus is that the election is "tight". It reminds me a lot of when Bush's popularity numbers were cratering down to the sub-25% cellar they currently reside in and yet the press insisted he was a "popular war time president". (We radical far-left out of touch liberal bloggers were ahead of the curve once again on an issue of national import.)

Barack Obama currently leads John McCain by a significant margin nationally. Obama is playing offense while McCain is trying to hold on to red states like Indiana. Obama has more money than McCain does. Heck, Sen. Obama leads McCain in favorability by almost 10%.

At some point, the media coverage might want to reflect this dynamic, even against a barbecue pal like John McCain.