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Is McCain Purposefully Sabotaging his Campaign?

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By Ben Cohen

McCain's campaign has descended into a cacophony of right wing bile, conflicting messages and utter, utter confusion. The 'Maverick' from Arizona leaps from one baseless attack to the other, denigrating himself more than anyone else with his offensive slurs and outright lies.

The McCain camp has accused Obama of being unpatriotic, a liar, a child molester and a terrorist lover amongst others, and is apparently only getting started.

McCain has surrounded himself with all of the vicious bastards he criticized so vehemently back in 2000, and is following their lead like a robot. Not known for his religious fervor, he found himself the least educated, hare-brained Christian fundamentalist he could find as a running mate, and has openly courted the 'agents of intolerance' he condemned in his first presidential bid (rev. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson).

Why has a man who prides himself on honesty and character slipped so effortlessly into disgusting Rovian politics?

Perhaps McCain knows how badly he defaced himself and his brand, and is
willfully sabotaging his campaign to punish himself for his
dishonorable behavior. It's a Freudian take on events, and only
consistent if you believe McCain was a good guy to begin with (and
there's a strong school of thought he wasn't).
But it isn't that far off the mark. After all, this is a man who
flirted with joining the Democratic party, and publicly berated the
Bush Administration on torture and the disproportionate tax cuts to the
rich (at least initially). McCain has long been a popular Senator
amongst Democrats and Republicans, precisely because of his strong
character and willingness to work across party lines. It is hard to
believe he has lost everything he once stood for, and his erratic behavior may be an indication that the old McCain is still alive and well.

Sadly, it probably isn't the case, and McCain is simply a sad old man
desperate to achieve his life long ambition of becoming President. The
erratic behavior and willingness to do or say anything is most likely
because he knows he is going to lose. Some of us who respected the
former prisoner of war will want to believe otherwise, but the evidence
is stacking more and more against it.