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Fox News' New Slogan: The facts are not irrefutable

by Ari Rutenberg

Today a Fox News anchor said what many have assumed has been Fox News' working, if not official, corporate slogan.  While attempting to discuss real-time fact checkers like, Anchor William La Jeunesse made a total fool of himself. 

Also I have to say that for a Fox News guy he has a French, feminine (in terms of its grammatical gender, as in a boy would be le jeune, not la jeunesse) last name.  'La Jeunesse', roughly translated, is the state of being young...well, actually, its the state of being a young girl.  I wonder if he, or anyone else at Fox News, realizes that the guy's name basically means William who is a young girl.  I bet he'll get fired if the viewers find out...

Via HuffPost:

LA JEUNESSE: Tonight as those candidates debate, an army of internet
fact checkers will be trying to separate fact from fiction, acting as
judge and jury as to which candidate is telling the truth or a tall
tale. While most of these sites are non-partisan, timely and useful,
like and Politifact, remember, they are uh...well, their
facts are -- no one is checking the fact checkers. And their
facts...unlike science...the facts are not irrefutable. And now to