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FEC Investigating McCain Campaign For "Excessive Contributions"

Imagine that, dear.

The FEC sent a letter to Sen. John McCain's campaign treasurer Sept. 30 demanding the candidate turn over more information about 'contributions that appear to exceed the limits.'

The letter is accompanied by a nine-page list showing scores of overages from McCain's August campaign finance report, including nearly $13,000 from Texas rancher Ray R. Barrett Jr.; $9,200 from an Iraqi security consultant, H. Carter Andress; and $5,000 from Joseph F. Davolio, an executive at a major national liquor, beer and wine distributor.

'Please inform the Commission of your corrective action immediately in writing and provide photocopies of any refund checks and/or letters reattributing or redesignating the contributions in question,' the letter from the FEC's senior campaign finance analyst, Leah S. Palmer, says. 'The acceptance of excessive contributions is a serious problem.'

Funny how we haven't heard about this until now.