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GOP in trouble...and they know it

By Ari Rutenberg

According to The Washington Post political reporters Chris Cillizza and Shailagh Murray the Republicans know they are in trouble.

Apparently the last few days have seen gains not just for Obama, but also for Democrats running for Senate and the House.  According to the post:

The pessimism in the GOP ranks reflects a striking shift in momentum in the four weeks since the Republican National Convention, when Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin
made her national debut and rallied conservatives, helping to fuel the
perception that longer-shot Democratic targets were drifting out of

"If you turn the clock back two or two and half weeks, you could
make a plausible argument that if a couple of things go our way we will
lose three to four Senate races," said one Republican strategist. "Now
we will lose six to eight." Polling in most Senate races over the past
14 days has shown a five-point decline for the Republican candidate,
the strategist said.

The picture in the House is similar. The generic ballot test -- a
traditional measure of broad voter attitudes -- has also moved
decisively in Democrats' direction in recent days. The latest NBC-Wall Street Journal and Associated Press
polls showed voters favoring a generic Democratic candidate for
Congress over a generic Republican by 13 points, while a recent Time magazine poll gave Democrats a 46 percent to 36 percent edge.

GOP operatives said the party's declining fortunes are rooted in a
series of events over the past two weeks, including McCain's decision
to suspend his campaign in order to help broker a deal on the rescue
plan and Republican opposition that doomed the bill in a House vote on
Monday. Those incidents helped reinforce voter impressions that
Washington is broken and that Republicans bear the brunt of the blame,
the party insiders said.

Wow...I guess everyone has to come back to the reality-based community at some point.  Can't make your own rules when the world is falling apart around you.