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To Reiterate

Just looking at the latest polls from Rasmussen (a name I always want to pronounce with a hard "R" like Tom Hanks as Carl Hanratty in Catch Me If You Can) check this out. The best move for McCain has been in Ohio, a 3 point move up to 51%. But then Obama is up a bit in Colordo for a slight lead. While everywhere else more or less stays the same. The other national polls seem to show that McCain got a bump that led back to a tied race - and Gallup is the outlier (which is unusual because I tend to find their polls better run than the others, perhaps it had something to do with them adjusting their model to have Dems with only a 1% advantage in party identification, I honestly don't know).

I've been seriously paying attention to this stuff since 2002 and kind of since 1992. It always seems like voodoo both when my guy is in the lead and the other guy leads.

What does that mean for election day? Voodoo. Lots and lots of voodoo.