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They Really Are This Stupid

Instapundit and other con blogs (failed Kos-wannabe Redstate, for instance) have once again posted this video from Sen. Obama where he discusses wanting a review of the military to cut missile systems that don't work or are wasteful, not weaponize space and to stop the production of nuclear missiles. For a few months now they have kept posting it as if its some smoking gun about something. As if in between frames Barack Obama said he's going to surrender to Al Qaeda or something.

What the video shows you is how far off the rails conservative foreign policy is. The same crowd who doesn't bat an eye when John Bolton argues in favor of bombing Iran for no other reason than Adhjamenidad's ugly jackets or cheers when John McCain says the latest crazy thing about going to war with Russia or snubbing the Spaniards (a nation which he relocated to Latin America), pees in their pants at what Sen. Obama is saying.

Does anyone think we need to waste the defense budget on missile systems that don't work? Or that we need to go to war with Russia? Or that Russian nukes shouldn't be secured? These are pretty common sense things, and coming off of eight years of Bush swinging wildly and missing the bad guys time and again, I think the American people are ready for a little sanity.

But conservative bloggers think they've got something here. A real humdinger that THIS TIME will AWAKEN AMERICA to the THREAT OF BARACK OBAMA. Why? Because they want the guy who doesn't know the difference between the Sunni and the Shia and frankly doesn't care that he doesn't know.

The sad thing is, even if (God-willing) Sen. Obama wins the election, they're going to get dumber.

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