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The Slogan Test

Change We Need

In 2004, John Kerry had:

* Let America Be America Again
* Stronger at home, respected in the world
* A safer, stronger, more secure America.
* The real deal
* A lifetime of service and strength

And Bush had:
* Steady leadership in times of change

In 2008, Obama has:
* Change We Can Believe In
* Change We Need

(which is not so much of a change in slogan as a tweak)

And McCain has (so far):
* Best Prepared to Lead from Day One
* Experienced Leadership
* Bold Solutions
* A Leader we can believe in.
* Reform • Prosperity • Peace
* Country First

I have a feeling that on some level, sticking to your slogan is in line with sticking to your message. And as recent history shows us, sticking to the message is one of the keys to victory. The last week has shown us how McCain keeps lurching around while Obama has more or less stayed on task even when his supporters (including me) have freaked out both in the primaries and now in the general.