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The other 9/11s

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By Ben Cohen

Tragic. Despicable. Horrific. The attacks on New York and Washington on September 11th 2001 were all of the above and the victims and their families deserve our unending sympathy.

But we must also remember the hundreds of thousands of lives we have destroyed in the quest to avenge those attacks. On the 11th of September every year since 2003, Iraq suffers the humiliation of occupation, countless deaths, and the destruction of their country. Afghanistan, the forgotten country, has also suffered massive violence at the hands of U.S and U.K forces (since 2001). Both wars were waged illegally, and both count as acts of terrorism under international law.

Will Iraq and Afghanistan ever see justice for the crimes committed against them? Unlikely. The media will whip us up into a frenzy of grief and anger where we can only perceive our own pain. They will not focus on the pain of others, the grief felt all over Iraq and Afghanistan for the hundreds of thousands of mothers, fathers, brother and sisters lost to wars waged on a lie.

We must remember those who died in New York and Washington, but also those we never heard of, but are ultimately responsible for.