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PPP Poll: Tied In North Carolina

In one poll, at least. I still think FL and VA are the only true winnable southern states, but at the end of the day I still like the idea that McCain has to spend money in a state that went for Bush by 12% in 2004.

Of note in this poll:

* Obama wins urban votes (no surprise), suburbs, and ties in small towns. McCain wins rural votes 2-1.

* McCain wins white vote 58-33, Obama wins black vote 90-4 (hey, 6 percenters, get off the stick!) and "Other" goes Obama 49-37. I'm assuming thats hispanic/asian/etc.

* Bob Barr is at 5%. That's got to be eating into McCain's lead. I wonder if Barr might do damage in North Carolina/Georgia but be a blip nationally.

* Liddy Dole is down by 5%.

Caveats: It's just one poll, others show a larger lead for McCain (though this poll is the most recent), it's the south, etc.