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Newsbusters Is Bullshit And They Spread Lies About Americans

Sorry to be so blunt and profane, but they are. In their ongoing effort to tear down anything resembling factual data, Newsbusters - an arm of the Media Research Center - is now trying to say that the atmosphere at Invesco field was not in fact what you saw with your own two eyes. In order to do this they cite Rush Limbaugh citing some writer nobody has ever heard of.

If you think that's something, wait until you read some of Spengler's description of the atmosphere at Invesco Field on the night of Obama's Greco-Roman Oration. Rush says that what Spengler has written confirms what an unnamed friend of his relayed to him from another final-night attendee:

Senator Barack Obama's acceptance speech last week seemed vastly different from the stands of this city's Invesco Stadium than it did to the 40 million who saw it on television. Melancholy hung like thick smog over the reserved seats where I sat with Democratic Party staffers. The crowd, of course, cheered mechanically at the tag lines, flourished placards, and even rose for the obligatory wave around the stadium. But its mood was sour. The air carried the acrid smell of defeat, and the crowd took shallow breaths. Even the appearance of R&B great Stevie Wonder failed to get the blood pumping.

Again, I apologize for the language, but: Bullshit. How do I know? Well, the mood of a room is clear to see for any of the millions of people who watched on air or you can look for yourself right here. But furthermore I can personally say that this is crap for one simple reason: I was there.

There was no sour mood. There was no "mechanical" cheering. There was heartfelt emotion from the very top of the stadium up in the nosebleed section right down to the delegates on the floor. I saw old ladies cry in joy. I bonded with folks right next to me who had nothing in common with me rather than a desire to right our country. I saw "the wave" spontaneously start, then roll around the stadium on all three levels because people were so giddy with excitement.


And I felt the floor of the cavernous stadium literally rock when speakers like Vice President Gore, Governor Richardson and especially Sen. Obama came out on the stage. I heard people squeal with joy and saw a crowd of people rush to the railing when Michelle Obama walked from the ABC tent to the CBS tent to be interviewed.

The mood was the opposite of sour. The mood was electric, like nothing I have ever seen in my thirty years.

If you've ever wondered what is one of the things that drives people like me to despise conservatism and its practitioners so much, it is stories like this that they try to circulate. It isn't an opinion piece, trying to say what they didn't like about the event. It is opinion masquerading as fact, attempting to replace actual history with made up right-wing fantasy. It is a tactic they use on a small scale and on the largest stories of all, about this nation's history and beyond. They make up and shovel along swill like this as easy as the rest of normal Americans breathe.

They are trying to pass off what by the accounts of the thousands of people in attendance was a joyous event into the sort of cynical showpiece conservatives find so central to their phony patriotism.

When I was walking out of the stadium on the way to the shuttle bus that would take me back to the hotel, thousands of people were still streaming out of the stadium from the upper level. Spontaneously people began.


It was thunderously loud, the event had ended, the fireworks were gone, and the VIPs had long since left the venue. Yet, here normal everyday Americans were, excited about the possibility of a new more idealistic day for their country.

So Newsbusters, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the right can take their made-up stories and take a long walk off of a short pier. We'll all be better of for it.

(Oh, and people were out of their seats and rocking for Stevie Wonder)