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John McCain Doesn't Support Equal Pay For Women

Barack Obama does.

John McCain only supports equal pay for women ‘in concept’, according to former Lieutenant Governor and McCain surrogate Margaret Farrow. The comments were made during a televised appearance, in which she conceded that McCain had voted against measures to advance equal pay for women, but still supported the ‘concept’ of equal pay.

‘Women aren’t making 70 cents on the dollar ‘in concept’ – that’s a reality,’ said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Vice Chair Lena Taylor.

‘When John McCain’s response to equal pay is that women need more ‘education and training,’ and his chief economic advisor’s response to the economy is that we’re in a ‘mental recession’ and we’re a ‘nation of whiners,’ it shows that McCain is out of touch and just doesn’t get it. American families, and women in particular, are facing real challenges that require real solutions, and John McCain isn’t offering any,’ Taylor said.