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John McCain Criticized Earmarks Requested From Sarah Palin


This year, Palin, who has been governor for nearly 22 months, defended earmarking as a vital part of the legislative system. "The federal budget, in its various manifestations, is incredibly important to us, and congressional earmarks are one aspect of this relationship," she wrote in a newspaper column.

In 2001, McCain's list of spending that had been approved without the normal budget scrutiny included a $500,000 earmark for a public transportation project in Wasilla. The Arizona senator targeted $1 million in a 2002 spending bill for an emergency communications center in town -- one that local law enforcement has said is redundant and creates confusion.

McCain also criticized $450,000 set aside for an agricultural processing facility in Wasilla that was requested during Palin's tenure as mayor and cleared Congress soon after she left office in 2002. The funding was provided to help direct locally grown produce to schools, prisons and other government institutions, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense, a nonpartisan watchdog group.

Again, I'm not against earmarks. While I'm against wasteful spending, I think its a given that pols will request money to come home from Washington. But John McCain has made opposition to earmarks a cornerstone of his political life, a signature issue of his maverickyness. And there his running mate is, requesting pork that he opposed. Of course, he never checked her out before he picked her, so...