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Hugh Hewitt Indicator: Obama On The Upswing

How does one predict the future? There are many methods, some involving entrails and spells, others use crystal balls. My method is to predict the future by doing the exact opposite of what Hugh Hewitt says.

I've done this before. In January of 2007, Hewitt declared "McCain campaign on the rocks". I took that opportunity to make the observation that momentum was clearly on John McCain's side for the Republican nomination. I had no hard and fast data in my hands, just the God-given knowledge that to be on the opposite side of an issue from the dishonest Hugh Hewitt is to be on the right side of history. And of course, a little more than a year later Sen. McCain had the GOP nomination while Mitt Romney, the subject of Hewitt's quickie book A Mormon In The White House? (now available in bargain bins from coast to coast). was roaming the used car lots of America, seeking the surviving members of his tribe.

In 2006, contrary to every poll and analysis, Hewitt insisted that the GOP would hold on to the House and Senate, heck he even implied that they might make gains! Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, of course, know what happened there. Although Hewitt wrote a book about that too. Painting the Map Red: The Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority is sort of the "Dewey Defeats Truman" of its genre.

I say this all to preface my new and improved predictor using the Hewitt Indicator. Hewitt writes (citing Victor Davis Hanson, who never got back to me about the made-up "liberal furor" he cited over the movie 300) about the "accelerating collapse" of the Obama campaign. This, my friends, can only mean one thing.

Momentum is on Barack Obama's side. I worked it out in my math machine, calculating the chances of my statement being true times the amount of wrong Hugh Hewitt sends out into the world on an hourly basis and the result is consistent. Obama has momentum because Hugh Hewitt says he doesn't.


(Bonus: As I noted yesterday, Hewitt slammed Obama for using a teleprompter on the trail while two posts down printing a picture of Sarah Palin using a teleprompter. There is now an image in the NY Times of the stage at a McCain campaign stop where McCain is using... a teleprompter.)