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Do Conservatives *Try* To Register Voters?

On the liberal side of the aisles, every election cycle there are various efforts from the Democratic party and other liberal groups to register new voters. This year the effort varies from the Obama campaign itself to the labor unions, to independent groups like ACORN, NAACP, etc.

On the conservative side, is there any effort to sign up new voters? Generally what I hear usually comes from the religious right, but that is usually more of a "get out the vote" message rather than one interested in signing up new voters.

So I think it is worth noting that liberals do better when we've got more people voting, whereas conservatives seem to benefit from keeping the existing voting population while aggressively targeting "vote fraud" that always seems to be centered in minority communities (it is surely a coincidence that minorities vote mostly Democratic), and supressing the vote. Isn't there something a little twisted about a political movement that seeks less people engaged in democracy?