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Dishonorable McCain Supporters Go After Biden's Daughter

Sen. Obama said family was off limits. Neither he nor Joe Biden went after Palin's family. And once again the GOP beats the left in the race to the bottom.

After Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, her teenage pregnancy, and her high school boyfriend were run through the media wringer last week, Republicans are now pointing to Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley, to make the case, ostensibly, that no candidate has produced perfect children.

Republican sources have been circulating a 2002 news story (from the Tribune) that reported Ashley Biden was arrested for obstructing a police officer in Chicago in August 2002 after getting into a verbal spat with a cop in a late-night nightlife district. The charges were dropped after she apologized to the officer involved. Ashley Biden, then 21, was a Tulane University student at the time. She now works as a social worker in Delaware.

Of course, John McCain made dirty jokes about Chelsea Clinton, so the excrement rolls downstream.