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Dick Morris is a lying sack of s@&* plus Senators Foghorn Leghorn and Droopy Dog

The skewering has begun...thank you Jon Stewart and the best f@*&ing news team ever!

For those who don't know, Foghorn Leghorn and Droopy Dog are old cartoon characters.  It's actually frightening how much Fred Thompson looks and sounds like Foghorn Leghorn, and the Lieberman-Droopy Dog comparison isn't far off.

In the next segment, it's Karl Rove vs. Karl Rove on the relevancy of being the chief executive of a small town and Dick Morris vs. Dick Morris on sexism in Presidential politics.

Dick Morris (Yesterday on Hannity talking about media coverage of Sarah Palin): " a man would never have had to go through's the deep sexism that runs through our society"

Dick Morris (November 5th, 2007 on Hannity talking about Hilary Clinton's equally ridiculous claims of sexism): "When a woman wants to be President, she shouldn't complain based on gender...(mockingly) I'm gonna take my toys and go home cause the big boys are picking on me...what happens when the boys in the middle east, or the boys who run Russia, or the boys who run China start picking on ya'.  Are we gonna have the Presidents of the Unites States saying 'the boys are picking on me'? This is what Hilary always does.  When ever she gets under fire she retreats behind the apron strings."

Jon Stewart (yesterday on the Daily Show after boos from the audience): "Now, now, now...In Dick Morris's defense, he is a lying sack of shit."