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Chris Wallace Makes A Funny About Brit Hume's Lack Of Objectivity

Yes, lack.

"One of the things Wallace credits with FNC's success is separation. 'We've been very careful to keep our opinion separate. Our news division takes care of that,' he says. 'That's done us well and I think that's why you see these numbers. See, when Brit or Shepard Smith are on, that's our news division talking. That's the way we've always done it.'"


Oh, Really?

Brit Hume Dismisses McCain’s Iran/al Qaeda Confusion As A “Senior Moment”

Hume falsely claimed Obama "contradicted what he wrote in his book" about town hall meetings

Hume, discussing Michelle Obama comment: "[T]here is this feeling" that Dems "are kind of embarrassed by patriotism"

Brit Hume attacks Democrats on terrorism issue: “They do not treat it particularly seriously”

Hume: Democrats "often" seem "invested in our losing" in Iraq

On Fox News Sunday, Hume falsely asserted that Al Qaeda in Iraq "was there before we got there"

Hume cherry-picked Constitution to attack Murtha's view of congressional role in war debate

Hume said Democrats investigating U.S. attorney firings are like "a dog with a new bone"

Hume also wrote for the very right-wing American Spectator during one of it's kookiest periods.

The article linked above was about Fox News getting great ratings for the RNC convention. It isn't surprising. Here in the DC area a lot of people tune in to Sonny Jurgenson and Sam Huff on the radio when they're doing Redskins games. Why? Because you like to hear the announcers who are in the tank for the home team.

Same thing.