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Bill O'Reilly Says Iraq Should Pay Back Cost of Invasion. Is he serious?

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By Ben Cohen

I'm not sure if I heard it right (and I've played it back to myself several times), but Bill O'Reilly stated in the first part of his interview with Barack Obama that Iraq should pay America back for all the money it has spent invading it.

This has got to be one of the most outrageous things he has said in quite some time. The thought that Iraqis should pay for the havoc unleashed upon them by the United States is not only massively cruel and hypocritical, but stupid beyond belief. By his own logic, Tibet should be paying China through the nose for having the temerity to be invaded and occupied by it, and Poland should still be paying reparations to Germany.

Where does this right wing warmonger get off? I find it hard to use neutral language when writing about people like O'Reilly, as their commitment to destroying the notion of serious journalism is particularly offensive to me.

O'Reilly is not a journalist, reporter, etc, but a mouth piece for big business and the military industrial complex (and that's the only reason he's on Fox). He's so wrapped up in his own ego he could never comprehend this, and warbles on as if he is a renegade fighting for the 'little guy'.  The truth is, he brings shame upon his 'profession' whenever he opens his mouth, and I feel dirty mentioning his name when discussing politics. It's a tragedy that O'Reilly plays such a large part in the national debate, and a crying shame Obama felt he had to go on his show.

I haven't see the rest of the 'interview', so I'm setting aside a few minutes later, but I may not post anything again after I've thrown my lap top at the TV.

Here's the outrageous video if you haven't seen it before: