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Barack Obama, Lost Without A Teleprompter

In advance of the debates, the Republican/conservative mantra has been that Barack Obama is unable to speak without a teleprompter. To hear them describe it, without prepared text he will simply seize up and keel over. This innate fear of speaking on the fly will surely be a detriment to Sen. Obama in the upcoming debate versus a silver tongued straight talker like John McCain. Here is RNC chairman of the minute Frank Donatelli on just how much a babe in the woods Sen. Obama will be in the debate.

"Starting early next week, I think you'll see a lot of interest in Friday's debate. It may draw the highest numbers we've ever seen, and I think that for the v.p. debate, you'll see a tremendous amount of interest. We feel good about that. Senator McCain is much better at giving answers off the cuff, and Obama has some trouble when he doesn't have his teleprompter."

Folks, this is panic time! Sen. Obama might not even be able to form words as Sen. McCain verbally pounds him to a bloody pulp. It's gonna be a moider.

Remember, Barack Obama simply cannot debate without a teleprompter. John McCain will talk circles around him. Make sure you tell that to everyone you know. Oh, and make sure they tune into the debate.

(Oh by the way, Sen. Obama had about 25 debates in the last year. KTHXBYE)