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Palin becomes her own SNL sketch

By Ari Rutenberg

Sarah Palin believes that dinosaurs and humans existed simultaneously.   If it were a joke it would be hilarious, but sadly it is a reality.  As much as I dislike him at this point, I do not believe for a second that McCain thinks any such thing.  She also contradicted McCain's Pakistan statement from the debate (in favor of a position that sounded like Obama's) while getting a Philly cheesesteak at Tony Luke's (at least she has good taste in food...Tony's hoagies are awesome).  This morning on ABC McCain dismissed Palin's statement, essentially saying "don't take her seriously." 

McCain has lost it (and by 'it' I mean his grip on reality, not the
election).  I think he knows that too.  Sarah Palin is a local
politician who has not spent one microsecond thinking about national
issues, and I think the McCain campaign now gets this.  It is shocking
how impulsive McCain's decisions are.  Its one thing to go against
one's party when taking a principled stance.  It is another entirely to
simply be contrarian in order to prove how much you go against the
grain, especially when the problems are so serious and the answers so
complex.  After all the BS about "suspending the campaign" McCain ended
up eating at a fancy restaurant with Joe Lieberman while the serious people were up on Capitol Hill working on the deal until 5 in the morning.

I feel sorry for Sarah Palin, who is so far out of her depth that
she can't even speak in complete sentences.   It was kind of funny
before, now its just sad and pathetic.  I think the Biden vs. Palin
debate is going to be a cringe fest.  As nice as he might try to be,
Biden is going to make her look stupid as soon as he answers a
question.  I don't think he will directly question her, as many of her
answers will be so unintelligible there may not be any coherent
positions to criticize.

What is happening to McCain's campaign?  As a partisan who wants my
side to win, there is an upside to it.  But as a citizen who wants to
see the best and most informative dialog happen on our national issues,
this extraordinarily erratic and irrational behavior is a cause for
grave concern.  Our nation deserves a better campaign than this.  Also
as a humanitarian, I am concerned for McCain.  He does not look great
and he recent decision making does not remind me of a man with all his
faculties.  I hope they get a clue and give the American people a real,
honest debate. 

If not at least my guy still wins.