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Is John McCain the only old guy who doesn't understand America?

By Ari Rutenberg

I've just seen an interview on CNN International with a bunch of people at a retirement home talking about the Great Depression and the current economic crisis.  They were all easily 10 years older than McCain, yet they all seemed to have a firm grasp of how much more interconnected and interdependent the world is these days.  They also discussed what real hardship was (like drawing a bath in an aluminum tub) and said they didn't believe this crisis is anything like that one.  I've also spoken to my grandparents, who were both around then, and they both have a much firmer and more nuanced grasp of what going on in this country than does Sen. McCain, even if it took some convincing to get them to support Obama.  So is John McCain the only old guy who doesn't get it?  If we want to elect an old white guy, it seems like there are plenty of even older, whiter guys who actually have the wisdom and judgment to be President...why can't we have one of them?