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Apparently, Obama wins

By Ari Rutenberg

I'm not sure which debate I was watching last night, but according to everyone else in the world, even Fox News' online poll, Obama clearly won.  Now I have to be honest and say that myself, Ben Cohen, and Peter Bauer were live blogging the debate.  We were, to say the least, very concerned by Obama's performance.   Apparently we are too cynical, and I think may have (for once) underestimated the desire of the American people to have their problems solved instead of having their ego's stroked.  What really convinced me of this is that GOP pollster Frank Luntz, working for Fox News, actually found that Obama won convicngly among independents, and at the end of his segment asked for final remarks, with people commenting that "McCain needs to be more passionate" and "Obama needs to give more details."  See now I though McCain was very emotional and Obama was too long winded for most people, but I guess the electorate is learning from its mistakes.

Check out the video of Luntz below.  It gives me real hope for Obama.

Via Huffington Post:

Update the first:  I've been going around the web checking out all the instant polls and punditry and it seems pretty clear that: 1) Obama won, at least in the short-term. One pollster (I forgot who) was even saying that 46% of people left with a better impression of Obama while only 7% had a worse opinion of him: 2) People did notice his agreeing with McCain a lot, but most either saw it as a minor issue or as statesman-like: 3) I guess we (the editors) were so busy blogging that we basically only listened to the debate, and did not see the very clear anger and contempt the McCain was displaying towards the diplomatic Obama, not looking at him directly at all.  It seems that this, and Obama's "you were wrong" rant, were the most memorable moments from the deabte.  Overall it seems like Obama will come off at the very least as good as he was before.