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Governor Sarah Palin Supports Aerial Wolf Hunting

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By Chalan Moon

People argue that Governmor Sarah Palin should not be in such a great focus because the vice president has little responsibility. However, when the candidate is in his 70s (he would be the oldest elected president in our history), we tend to wonder who might succeed him in the event of his passing. Furthermore, whom he chooses reflects greatly on his ability to make responsible decisions, foreshadowing their ability to govern the nation.
This video is ineffably appalling. All other reasons to not vote for McCain/Palin aside, this should be the only one you would ever need to be convinced. I am not against hunting, but this is not hunting. Hunting is what our ancestors did to survive. They used spears, bows and arrows, and eventually guns. This is outright slaughter and a blatant and egregious affront against animal rights.
Please inform as many people about how you feel about the McCain/Palin candidacy. The government for and by the people must return to being just that.